Kiran The Power of Light (KIRAN).

Celebrated International Women Day

An initiative to identify basic healthcare requirements of destitute elderly living in the slums of North Delhi and provide them with medical/healthcare assistance in form of walker, walking sticks, wheel chairs, adult diapers, clothes, food ration, medicines, etc. 28 Consultation and Distribution camps have already been organized in different parts of North Delhi

Over 2000 destitute and old people spread across North Delhi have already been assisted under this project so far

Women Digital Literacy Education

Digital literacy is crucial to helping women become lifelong learners. It teaches them essential life skills as well as academic skills. ... They help women use critical thinking skills to evaluate the quality of digital sources and information, which in turn helps women communicate better


Kiran The power of light (KIRAN) with CSC e-Governance Services India Limited has collaborated with The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to launch Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) at locations where CSC has been acting as Business Correspondent. This payment system is called as DIGIPAY.

This system facilitates disbursement of government entitlements like NREGA, social security pension, Handicapped, Old Age Pension etc of any Central or State Government institution/entity, using Aadhaar authentication service of UIDAI.

Covid 19 tyme lockdown all over India so this facility very effectful old age person,labour, pensioner .


KIRAN The Power of Light (KIRAN) is non-profitable, selfless, service oriented voluntary organization dedicated to the education and health of people especially children. KIRAN The Power of Light (KIRAN) has volunteers from different areas of society willing to provide their services for the betterment of society. KIRAN The Power of Light (KIRAN) believes every child has a potential which can be achieved fully only by providing optimum facilities to child and KIRAN The Power of Light (KIRAN) has been working hard to do this. Emphasis is on bringing about a positive change in their life style.

KIRAN The Power of Light (KIRAN) has held awareness camp, health checkup camp, counseling sessions, workshop for children and parents, stress managements classes and recreational activities for children in the form of fancy dress shows, coloring-drawing and painting competitions. KIRAN The Power of Light (KIRAN) provide free medicines, food, clothes and books to needy people and plans to pool all available resources for providing optimum facilities to those whose who cannot afford.

The basic objective for creation of youth clubs is to render community support through developmental initiatives involving activities with particular focus on youth empowerment. The implementation of programmes and activities of youth clubs is based on local needs and requirements by mobilizing resources from various government departments and other agencies, which include both national, State level and multilateral institutions. The youth clubs and its member volunteers form the base of the KIRAN The Power of Light (KIRAN) vast national rural network.


Our Mission is to minimize the community suffering in the field of education, health and HIV/AIDS and livelihood to promote and provide qualitative education, health & Hygiene awareness and skill development to children, women and communities, which are socially and economically deprived.

KIRAN The Power of Light (KIRAN) is purely a Non Govt. Social Service Regd. Organization (NGO) having a non political, non religious and non commercial character and is mainly engaged in imparting completely free qualitative education to the children from the families belonging to Economically Weaker Section and backward class of the society. Parents of these children are mostly laborers who live in slums, Jhuggis (mud or polythene hutments) and are not able to get their children admitted in public schools or even in Govt. run schools due to poverty and illiteracy. Illiteracy is a curse and the KIRAN The Power of Light (KIRAN) is poised to eliminate it to the best of its capacity and ability.

KIRAN The Power of Light (KIRAN) is also running training centers for tailoring, embroidery & knitting for the ladies and adult girls from the same category of the people i.e. economically backwards, completely free of cost at all the aforesaid Centers, to enable them to supplement their family income.

The KIRAN The Power of Light (KIRAN) is also engaged in organizing periodically Medical Health checkup camps for the deprived peoples of the community. Parents meets are also being held every month wherein our teachers and doctor in charge of Dispensaries hold educative discussions on topics like maintenance of cleanliness, sanitation, general health, family planning, evil effects of drinking and smoking along with overall importance of education.The organization,KIRAN The Power of Light (KIRAN)e, is working with marginalized & down trodden section of the society, the organization is working with lepers, labors for improving their health education & socio economic life. The organization is working for improving environment controlling pollution & preserving flora & fauna, The organization is collecting & segregating solid waste materials from door to door of the industrial premises. Thus the very organization is working for poor community.

The main objective of the organization is to provide education, health awareness, and to improve socio-economic condition so that the community could sustain their life and become the part of mainstreamed society in the millennium. The organization is improving the environment; it helps the society to lead healthy life. The society is also mobilized for accelerating education and improving health of women and children. Population should be controlled. Marginalized societies could be developed




APROX 8800+ Benificires covered this facility


Awareness porgam aprox 500 benificires covered



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